Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The value of a dollar

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
I have learned so much since I have been married.  Having a husband in school and having a young child, money is tight.  I used to spend money like you can't believe.  I thought it grew on trees.  I was terribly mistaken!  I decided to get into couponing awhile ago.  I would have never known that everything I needed and more, that I could get for free.  The first month, I was buying a ton because I thought getting body wash for $2 was a good deal.  Wow, I was wrong.  I only look for free stuff now.  Everything I get, I either get for free...or I make money off of.  Like, for coupon trip from this Monday to Rite Aid.  Here it is:
I got all of this for free, but I actually made $ Rite Aid paid me to take all this product.  There are 3 boxes of laundry detergent in that picture by the way.  Later that day I went to Walgreens and got 21 packs of gum for free...and can go back on Friday to get 15 more packs.  

I am just shocked at the value of a dollar.  I used to think you couldn't buy anything for a dollar...I was so wrong.  I am so happy to learn how to be so frugal.  I have a hard time spending money now.  It is hard for me to go pay for anything now....I just think about everything I could be getting for that money.  I am just grateful for everything I have learned.

I am grateful for the opportunities that couponing has given me.  I now feel like I have done my part as a mother and wife to provide for my family.  My husband brings home the money, and I do everything I can to prepare our family for the tough times we may have ahead of us.  I have been so overstocked on so much, I have felt a little overwhelmed.  I decided to call my Relief Society president and ask her if she knew of some people in our ward that was struggling and could use a gift basket of goodies to help them out a little bit.  She said there were 2 families in our ward who were really having a hard time right now.  So I have put together 2 baskets full of everything from all beauty supplies, to dish soap, cleaning supplies, medicine, air fresheners, etc.  I am just so happy that not only have I been able to help out my family, but help out others as well.

I am so grateful!  So grateful for everyone who has helped me and supported me through my crazy shopping trips.  I just love how something as little as couponing has taught me so much.

I just love it.


  1. you need a new post girl!! =)

  2. Whitney, please give me your secret. I've tried "couponing" but I never get that great of deals. I have multiple coupons for one thing, but when can I double up on them? Please help me!

  3. This lady has an awesome VERY informative website, Whitney could you pass it a long and check it out too :)


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